First #JustInTerminal. Yeah, as i mentioned on article before (Just in Terminal - Introduction), I'll create new section to make you more productive in terminal.

Sometimes, when you are coding or working on something, you forget or don't know the meaning of some words. It takes time to open the browser, go to google translate or open the app, etc, etc.

I'll tell you how to keep on your terminal and translate some words like:

trans :id "i don't understand what are you talking about"

or if you see unfamiliar char, let say Japanese, you can do it on your terminal also:

trans ja: 手紙

A good tools right? Let's become more productive:

You can install it from git repository. GNU Awk is required for this tool. If you don't have it, just install:

brew install gawk

Then you can install it:

$ git clone
$ cd translate-shell/
$ make
$ [sudo] make install

for more information, take a look at their repository: