Hello, long time no writing ✍️ I got busy with a lot of things before resigned in my last company. Yeah, now I officially resigned and join a new startup company. It's an Online Travel Agency (OTA) platform – one of the biggest OTA in Indonesia –. I started as a Performance Engineer here.

So, I'll create a new section on this blog, called "Just in Terminal".

What is it?

I actually terminal fans. Terminal is my daily mate. My eyes are always pointing in the terminal. I do a lot on it. Coding, debugging, reading, playing music, even chatting. IMHO, it makes me more productive. You don't have to open too many apps. Just type some commands in your terminal and voila! you got your expected. Nah, since there's a lot of tools I'm using until now in the terminal, I'll take up this topic.

This is some tools we’ll discuss:

  1. iterm2
  2. tmux
  3. zsh
  4. oh-my-zsh and it's plugin
  5. nvim
  6. etc

Yeah, that's a list of general tools which everybody knows it. But, keep follow this section and I'll write a list of tools you might never hear before. Like i said before, we can even reading, playing music and chatting JUST IN TERMINAL!

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