There's a lot of ways to get a free SSL certificate, one of most popular way is using LetsEncrypt. But, for AWS user, you don't have to think about how to get free SSL because you'll get a free certificate you're using Load Balancer. And, another good news is you'll get free 750 hours usage of load balancing. For more detail, you can read here.

So, Let's get started to setup your own SSL in your AWS Server!

Request Certificate

Before you setup, you need to request your certificate. Here's how to request your SSL Certificate:

  1. Go to AWS Certificate Manager
  2. Click on Request a Certificate
  3. Choose Request a public certificate
  4. Add domain name with the following example:

5. You need to validate your certificate request. You can choose DNS validation or email validation. I recommend you to use DNS validation because it will be faster and easier.

6. Add CNAME in Amazon 53. Or you can just click the button below your domain to automatically add it.

You need to wait up to 30 minutes. Once the validation progress is done, you can continue to setting up your SSL.

Setting Up You SSL with Load Balancer

  1. Go to Load Balancers page
  2. Create new one
  3. Do the similar setup with the image below:

4. Choose a certificate from ACM (recommended) it will automatically select your certificate.

5. Create a new group and allow HTTP and HTTPS

6. Create a new Target Group. Usually, setup will be done like this:

7. Next, you need to configure routing and add your instance to the registered target.

8. Finish

Now, you have a load balancer which pointing to your instance. Next is how to pointing your domain to load balancer and allow to use https?

Configure The Route

  1. Go to Route 53
  2. Change route A name record to use alias and point your load balancer
  3. Do the same thing to your www subdomain.
  4. All done!

Yeah! Your site will be certified by Amazon like